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Sake, Soju, Junmai Hiro Sake Junmai Ginjo  300ML L&P Wines & Liquors

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Hiro Sake Junmai Ginjo 300ML

$ 19.99

Inspired by the ancient recipe of Hiroemon Takeda, the renowned Samurai and Japanese Sake connoisseur, Hiro is crafted by our own Toji (Master Brewer) using only specially polished rice from the Murakami plain in the Niigata Region.  Hiro Blue is a new super premium Japanese Sake that bridges the heritage of the past with the way we drink today.  Hiro Blue, Junmai Ginjo Sake, has the character and body to be enjoyed chilled, over ice or in your favorite cocktail. Try it as a Super Hiro (the Hiro Sake-tini).

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