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7 Best Vodka Brands: Premium & Smooth


A great vodka eliminates your worries. You just sit there and have the time of your life. Unfortunately, like everything else, all vodkas are not the same.

This is a problem. How are you supposed to enjoy a good vodka, if the store is filled with dozens of brands and most of them are not good, let alone great?

Fortunately, this is what we're going to focus on. We’re going to name the 7 best vodka brands in this post. All the brands provide premium quality. Of course, they are a little expensive, but not too much.

In case you're on a tight budget, no 7 is your best choice. It offers good quality, and isn't expensive at all.

1. Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One is a Dutch vodka, and it was produced by the famous Dutch family named Notlet Family. The Notlet Family was popular only for making great gin before Ketel One.

The vodka is distilled in small batches of European wheat, which gives it a crisp and silky taste.

Ketel One offers the cleanest vodka you’ll ever drink, and their drinks are best served chilled. The best flavors are vodka tonic and vodka martini.

ketel one vodka

2. Absolut

Absolut is a famous Swedish vodka brand. This brand offers one of the healthiest vodkas in the world. It offers plenty of drinks with no sugar.

No sugar vodkas alone make this Absolut a unique player in the market, but what makes it even better is its premium quality. They use only the highest quality ingredients, even the ingredients that are considered fine don’t cut it in Absolut’s factory.

The brand offers many flavors. Some popular ones are Wheat Aroma and the iconic Apothecary Bottle and Gentle.

While both flavors are amazing, you should definitely try some of their non-flavored vodkas. The crisp & pure taste of vodka, which is also full- bodied and complex, will be a heavenly treat.

absolut vodka

3. Grey Goose

Bonjour! Grey Goose is a France based vodka. The vodka is super neat, and is known as one the most premium vodka in France.

The ingredients used in this vodka are of ultra-high quality.

Grey Goose’s drinks taste crisp and super-smooth. In fact, their drinks are so smooth that it’s no exaggeration to call them the creamiest vodka in the world.

Why are the Grey Goose’s vodkas so creamy? Because they’re distilled a whopping 5 times.

The overall taste is creamy, with a clear grain nose, a peppery palate, and a dash of star anise. In simple words, it’ll taste creamy, sweet, and a bit spicy.

grey goose vodka

4. Chopin Vodka

This vodka is named after the famous composer Fredric Chopin. Unlike other vodkas on the list, this one produces a superb polished potato vodka.

Potato vodkas are not famous, but trust us, you only have to try this once, and you’ll fall in love. The vodka is classic, and it tastes as delicious as a cocktail.

At least once in your life, you should try it alongside Ketel One vodka. Drinking both gin and potato vodkas simultaneously will make you appreciate both drinks more than you have ever done.

Although Chopin is famous for potato vodka, it’s not the only vodka it provides. Chopin also provides wheat vodka and rye vodka.

Each flavor is 80 proof and displays the top-level taste. The last amazing point about Chopin is all 3 flavors are made of one main ingredient only. This one earns the brand the reputation of all-natural vodka.

chopin vodka

5. Beluga

Beluga is one of the most premium vodkas available. From ingredients and process to packaging and marketing, everything about this brand screams quality.

Beluga uses only quality ingredients to create vodka. Once the drink is distilled, they add honey, oat, and milk thistle on top to give flavor. The other ingredients are sage, white pepper, cream, and vanilla.

The vodka is also cleaned using two types of filter. A silver filter and a quartz filter. The high-filtering and pure ingredients makes Beluga’s vodka pure and of high quality.

The vodka tastes pure, smooth, and a little crisp. It’s mouth watering.

beluga vodka


6. Svedka

The list of the best vodkas is incomplete without a cost-effective option. This is where Svedka shines. Svedka is a combination of Swedish and Vodka.

By reading the last sentence, you can tell the brand is of Sweden. The vodka is distilled 5 times, which gives it a cream taste. You can drink Svedka by itself, but it’s best used with a mixer.

To make the most of this vodka, do two things. First, chill it for at least a few hours before drinking. Then, combine it with a mixer. A mildly-strong one. When you take a sip, it’ll feel a bit smooth, and you’ll feel an essence of mint and vanilla. After a second or two, you’ll start feeling the citrus flavor, which will make you crave more.

In our opinion, Svedka offers the best vodka for its price, without a question.

svedka vodka

7. Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere is another high-end vodka brand in the list. Not just that but this one is also another Polish vodka in the list.

Like all the other great vodka brands, this one also has a huge reputation of providing pure products. In the past, Belvedere has been known for selling flavors such as ginger, peach, and citrus.

This changed in the early 2021, when the company announced they’re going to stop making such flavors, and instead will replace such flavors with Pear & Ginger, Organic Infusion, Lemongrass & Blackberry.

Not only that, but the brand announced from now on they’ll only provide 80 proof vodkas. This was the time when Belvedere earned the reputation of providing pure and classic vodkas.

In our experience, the best vodka of Belvedere are its two single-estates rye vodkas. But, you should try other drinks as well to find the one you like the best.


belvedere vodka

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