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Booker's Pigskin Batch 2020-03  750 ml

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Booker's Pigskin Batch 2020-03 750 ml

$ 119.99


On the nose, Booker’s creates a lighter than expected drying nature given the proof. Notes of red cherry lead up front with a moderate sweetness. Wood forms a prevalent force within as both sandalwood and oak vie for acknowledgment. Oiled leather pops through and lends an air of storied depth to this bourbon. Then port wine arouses truly providing a sense of romantic classicism. Finally, a bit of sawdust finishes off the experience allowing for a bit of levity. Though perhaps not quite mystical, the nose’s effect nevertheless provides a relaxing satisfaction bordering on serenity.


Moving into the mouth, the proof now becomes apparent as a searing and heating effect begins. Booker’s furnishes an oily texture and a chewy mouthful – a voluptuous body to be certain. Perhaps as a result of the body, fried bacon initially jumps out. This moves into a pumpkin spice that eventually yields to a caramel corn. Throughout the palate, oak wood plays in the background eventually gaining prominence. For Whiskey Rising reviews, the nose, palate and finish are done neat. In this setting, Booker’s lacks the ability to further unpack its flavors despite the sensation that more lurk beyond. Additionally given the proof, it proffers a burning and stinging sensation. Despite this, the allure of the profile does beckon the imbiber forward.


On the finish, the intensity of the bourbon somewhat subsides. Initially the sweetness returns with hints of clover honey. The dominate wood nature of this bourbon continues here as well with a wood-like resin. Maintaining the good old boys club appeal of this whiskey, cigar smoke wafts through. The oily body persists from the palate and ultimately combines for a rum-like taste. The finish wraps up nicely and lessens in fierceness from the palate.

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