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Bourbon Whiskey Booker's Tagalong Batch 2021-2 L&P Wines & Liquo

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Booker's Tagalong Batch 2021-2

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The second Booker's release of 2021 has begin to roll out from Beam this week.

Tagalong Batch is officially on the way, aged for exactly 6 years and 5 months and bottled uncut and unfiltered at 127.9 proof. 

Each release is named by Fred Noe to commemorate a part of Booker Noe's long history at Jim Beam. Of Tagalong Batch, Fred says:

"This batch celebrates the way my dad, Booker Noe, learned the ropes at the distillery - by ‘tagging along’ with his grandfather and my great grandfather, Jim Beam. [...]  The tradition of ‘tagging along’ has continued generation to generation. I learned much of what I know about whiskey by following in Dad’s footsteps, digesting all of the information I could while working side-by-side at the distillery. It’s also a tradition I continued with my son Freddie, and one I hope he’ll share with his children in the future."
- Fred Noe, Beam Family 7th Generation Master Distiller

The breakdown of barrel storage used for this release are as follows:

  • 4% came from the 3rd floor of 7-story warehouse 5
  • 3% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse X
  • 13% came from the 5th floor of 9-story warehouse D
  • 33% came from the 6th floor of 9-story warehouse H
  • 40% came from the 7th floor of 9-story warehouse H
  • 7% came from the 5th floor of 7-story warehouse Z

This is the second of four Booker's releases slated for 2021. Donohoe's Batch was released in January, and Tagalong Batch will be followed by Bardstown Batch and then Noe Stranger Batch later this year.

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