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Hennessy Cognac Richard

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Hennessy Cognac Richard

$ 2,999.99

Created for connoisseurs of the greatest cognacs, Richard Hennessey brings together the past and the present in a blossoming encounter. This unique cognac embodies 200 years of history, talent, knowledge, expertise and savoir-faire. Richard Hennessey is the embodiment of 200 years of the history, knowledge and expertise of the Hennessey Maison, with a unique blend of exceptional and rare eaux-de-vie aged from 40 years to nearly 200 years old. Each carafe is numbered and made of pure hand-blown crystal. Its beautiful amber color, deep and warm, foretells its undeniable strength. Its aroma fills the nose with delicate nuances of flowers, mixed spices, nutmeg and blanched fennel. The power and depth of the aroma is echoed in the mouth, where the spices, notably pepper, play a key supporting role. Then the structure takes shape: leather notes gather, alongside nuts and candied fruits. Rare and precious, this cognac is a product of man’s mastery over time. An unparalleled range of aromas gives Richard Hennessey its unique complexity. It is structured to achieve a perfect balance, and only once it is tasted does it reveal its true meaning. Powerful and unexpected, Richard Hennessey reaches heights that approach cognac perfection.

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