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Marques de Alcantara BLUE Chardonnay 750ml

$ 17.99

The wine is unlike what many people think naturally. As in the production of white wine, the grapes are crushed, pressed and fermented. All this at low temperatures to preserve the aromas naturally present in the grape. The blue color comes from a natural dye, Anthocyanin, which is found in the shell of the blue grape. When concentrated amount of this is added to the white wine, the deep Mediterranean-inspired color arises.

Scent and taste
Deep and intense blue to its color, the wine invites intense tones of mature tropical fruit, such as pineapple and papaya. In addition, citrus, peach, passion fruit and a bunch of flora also appear. The wine with its fullness is weighed to the acid that is present, which gives a refreshing effect to the otherwise sweet fruit. The dry structure, the fullness and the acid along with the characters that appear will last for a while and remain on the palate

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