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Rhetoric 23 year

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Rhetoric 23 year

$ 191.99

The 10th release in the Orphan Barrel series, Rhetoric 23 year follows the formula of the first 3 Rhetoric releases (20 Year through 22 Year)- it’s the same distillate aged one more year.  The company says the lineup serves as a sort of “laboratory” of tasting, allowing buyers to collect the set and taste the difference between batches that comes from an extra year of age between each release.

This was distilled between 1990 and 1993 at the Bernheim Distillery (now owned by Heaven Hill) in Louisville, then owned by United Distillers.  It was aged at Stitzel-Weller in Louisville.

Mash Bill:86% Corn, 8% Barley, 6% Rye

ABV: 45.3% (Proof: 90.6º)

Age: 23 Years

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