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2 GINGERS  Irish Whiskey 1L

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2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey 1L

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2 Gingers, named for Folliard’s red-headed mother and aunt, is now the United States’ fastest-growing Irish whiskey brand. Folliard created the whiskey in 2011 for use in the four pubs he owned in Minnesota, at the time the No. 1 Jameson account in the country.

His unique marketing approach was two-fold: First, transform whiskey from being a winter-only spirit to a seasonless option—even enjoyable in summer. Next, create and trademark a cocktail—the Big Ginger—that raises the 2 Gingers profile and becomes an accessible, refreshing alternative to beer. Doing so broadens the appeal to younger drinkers and non-whiskey-drinking men and women.

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