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Champagne Luc Belaire Bleu Edition Limitee 750ml L&P Wines & Liquors

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Luc Belaire Bleu Edition Limitee 750ml

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Luc Belaire Blue Limited Edition: blue azure in your glass

Belaire Blue Limited edition

Luc Belaire Blue Limited Edition is a delightful handmade cuvée presented by Luc Belaire on May 12, 2021 in Burgundy.  The line received a unique sapphire color, alluring with its depth.

The choice of this shade is no accident, Belaire was inspired by the blue waters of the Côte d'Azur, the place in France where he was born.

 Cote de Azure blue belaire

Belaire Bleu has a stunning palette where the aromas of tropical fruits and fresh berries intertwine in a perfect symphony with notes of freshness.  All this creates an unforgettable impression from the very first sip.


The drink is beautiful in its pure form and is an ideal component of various cocktails.

Where the best traditions and innovation meet

Belair is a 6th generation vintner in the House of Belair.  The family winery is already 120 years old and is famous for its high quality product.  Thus, this cuvee combines the best traditions and a new look at familiar things.

 Belaire Blue Limited

Get a taste of this unique cuvée by opening one of these magnificent bottles.  After you do this, you will realize that you have never tried anything like it before.

You will fall in love with this wine in a glass and in, exciting taste buds, cocktails.
You will fall in love with him only at the first meeting with a crystal clear bottle, exquisite labels made of first-class embossed foil.  The foil capsule completes the elegant outline of the Luc Belaire Blue Limited Edition.


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