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Bourbon Whiskey Peerless Small Batch Bourbon 109.5 proof L&P Wines & Liquo

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Peerless Small Batch Bourbon 109.5 proof

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Peerless Small Batch Bourbon 109.5 proof: History

The Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company was founded back in the 1880s in Henderson, Kentucky. Today it is a modern production of a high-quality products and one of the most automated factories in the world.

Kentucky peerless distilling company

Kentucky Peerless uses premium beans that are meticulously processed and aged for 4 years. Only after that, the finished drink is bottled. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring that every connoisseur feels the taste of real bourbon.

Authentic taste in every sip

This bourbon has a unique profile. The aroma clearly traces notes of citrus, cedar, and spicy oak. Take your first sip for a taste of toasted oak and caramel. A delightful aftertaste of spicy and sweet notes, which are closely intertwined, will certainly turn your head with pleasure.

 Peerless Small Batch Bourbon

Peerless Small Batch Bourbon is honest quality. By purchasing a bottle, you get the expected taste. The entire technological process is always meticulously sustained and ensures a stable profile of authentic bourbon.

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